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Adrian Freedman

Dear Genners
I am trying for sake of completeness to elucidate what happened to a branch
of my mother's family.

My mother's great grandparents were Eliezer Mordechai PAI (A K A Motte Leizer
PAI) and ETA (Etel) PAI. They lived in Darbenai in Lithuania.
I am aware of three daughters born either in Memel or Darbenai:
Chaia Riva (m Barnett LEVY) emigrated to South Africa.
Faige Nessa (m Shleima AIDELMAN) emigrated to South Africa.
Pere Ita (m Bentsion SIMON) emigrated to South Africa.

The SIMONs had 6 children, 5 of whom emigrated to South Africa. I am trying
to find what happened to the remaining son who apparently emigrated to the USA.
His name was Abraham SIMON.

He was born in the 1890's perhaps late 1880 or early 1900 as I am not sure
of his position in the family. His wife's name is not known to me. I am
aware of the names of 4 children but have no other details. Their names
are (were):
Mottie (perhaps Max Leonard or similar - if following family naming tradition)
Pearl Ethel

Does any one have any knowledge of this family?

Best wishes
A happy New Year
and success with tracing the families!
Adrian Freedman

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