Re: Ashkenazic naming pattern question #general

David Colman <davidcolman@...>

Nicolas Trokiner wrote: "According to his marriage record, one of my
ancestors >from Mogielnica (Poland) was named Chaim Josek. His father was
Josek Lejb"

In my own family's 19th century records, I have found it to be very common in
the Polish records to see the use of a pseudo-patronyimic in just this way.
In other words, Chaim son of Josek son of Lejb could very well appear as
Chaim Josek son of Josek Lejb - even though the proper Polish patronymic
usage should be Chaim Joskowicz. That said, it could also be that the
father's true name was Josek Lejb and Chaim was recorded as Chaim Josek.

David Colman
Toronto, Canada

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