Re: dual patronymics #belarus


Dear Larry,
Thank you for a comment, but this is not a case.
Ashkenazi Jews used to build their names in double format when the
first part of the name was Hebrew (called IKAR Heb. the main) and
the second part (called KINUY Heb. the nickname) was its Yiddish
equivalent, often just Yiddish translation.
Thus you have standard double names like Tsvi-Hish (both parts mean
deer in Heb and Yidd), or Dov-Ber ( bear, as is in my case), or
Arye-Leib ( Lion) etc. There also many other traditional combinations
like Asher-Zelik, Yehuda-Leib , Yosef-Haim etc.
B"R which is an abbreviation of ben rabbi the son of rabbi (in this
case rabbi or rav means Mr.) is often pronounced as "be-rabbi, or
The names of Talmudic sages have sometimes the constituent Bar as in
Bar-Yohai or Bar-Kokhva. In this case Bar is Son in Aramaic language
and equivalent to Hebrew Ben.

Leonid Zeliger

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