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Myree Mueller <kmueller@...>

Dear All,

I have had an update on my tree (after some 22 years of looking) including (at
last) a name for great grandfather and the news that there was a fourth child of
his so am sending out a new appeal for information.

I am researching ALENIKOFF/ALEINIKOFF originally >from Vitebsk, Belarus.

My great grandfather is now unveiled as Zalmin ALEINIKOFF (as spelt on his
daughter's wedding certificate).

his children were....

Milly b. 1888 (ended up in London, married to a BOROVITCH and their descendants
have changed their names variously to Boris, Bradley, etc. Milly married for a
second time as a widow aged 74 and it is >from that certificate which I got a
copy of the other day which shows the father being Zalmin ALEINIKOFF)

Phillip Solomon b. 1891 (ended up in New York with his wife Tillie at the
beginning of the 20th century)

Lipa b. 1898 (ended up living in Cuba, at least in 1940 with wife Cila - we
only learned of his existence recently. Could be they had a son (maybe
daugther, maybe more issue) but I'm having trouble tracking any information - I
also wonder if any descendants went to Israel?)

Haia S. b. 14 September 1902 my grandmother (ended up in Shanghai and then New
York). She was born ALENIKOFF and then when in Shanghai she was calling
herself Clara BLUESTEIN who married my grandfather MULLER/MUELLER. They
divorced and in 1950 she emigrated to New York - first to her brother Phillip.
Interestingly her name on the ship's manifest was Haia S. BLUESTEIN. USICS
service was taken up and they found her in the indexes for alien registration
but subsequent search of actual file deems it to be lost or destroyed. I have
no clues whatsoever as to what happened to her after 1950 and it is said she
may have married again.

Considering the name Lipa only came up in recent months, I wonder if there were
more children between Philip and Lipa or indeed after Haia.

Koko Mueller
Hong Kong

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