16 mm Postcards exhibition at the Center for Jewish History #general

Joan A. Baronberg

As a follow-up to Howard Orenstein's posting about
The "16 mm Postcards" exhibition at the Center for Jewish History draws >from 26
films >from the collection that resides in the archives of YIVO Institute for Jewish

I'd like to note that there is a wonderful film about the little community of
Suchostaw (near Chortkov, currently Ukraine) housed at the Museum of Jewish
Heritage in Battery Park, lower Manhattan. This 16mm film was also taken in the
1930s by an American going back to visit his hometown. It shows what are probably
typical shtetl "streets," the little shul, and what looks like daily life.
Suchostaw is one of the earliest towns to be incorporated onto the JewishGen
website and can currently be accessed at:

Shanah tovah,
Joan Baronberg, Denver, CO

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