Roy Lekus in France, continued #general


Dear JewishGendom,
Several potential addresses and phone numbers to try for Roy Lekus have now
materialized. Thank you everyone who so quickly replied! The best research option
seemed to be using a French phone book online. I actually had suggested that to my
friend even before I posted, but nothing had seemingly turned up when she tried to
do a search. Guess it takes an experienced JewishGenner to know a nom >from a
prenom...The other option that keeps cropping up these days is Facebook. There is
one Roy Lekus on FB, but whether he is the right one remains to be determined as
there is very little info on his public profile page to match up with what is
known about him. And now to get back to shaping my fruited whole grain challah for
its second rising...
Shanah Tovah!
Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan
Long Beach, NY

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