Re: Krasilov Scherer or Shear #general



This looks like a perfect case for a Y-DNA test. In the worst case, there will be
no match, but your data will stay in the database. I just was contacted (two years
after the test) by a man by the last name of Rosa who "always thought he was Puerto
-Rican". We had a 12 marker match. It looks we may have had a common Sephardic
ancestor some 500-800 years ago and that the name Feldblum may have come >from Rosa.
It is pure speculation at this point, but strangest things have happened.

And, by the way, Krasilov is not that far >from Vienna. Some marriage records show a
bride and a groom >from places just as far apart.

Shana Tova!

Boris Feldblyum
Potomac, MD, USA

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