Box-Tax Reference to GGF in Kovno #general

Mark Strauss

Dear Genners

On the jewishgen website, I came across an article about box-tax records
that refers to my great-great-grandfather Faivush Varshachik, in Kovno.

"Kovno {Kaunas}. The Minister of Internal Affairs received an illiterate
report on June 26th, 1889: "What it is (?), if we can not find any sense
of it. All money is taken >from us in Kovno by N. Natanson and Faivush
Warshavchik. Wherever complained, there is no response. Just recently
took >from us 3,000 rubles, and asking again in March, God knows what
for... There was a recording clerk in the Meschanski office, who was in a
conspiracy with Natanson, and who had to run away because of various
forgeries, and Mr. Governor did not allow him a passport (travel papers),
but Natanson gave him 500 rubles and he crossed the border. Signatures of
Leib Levi, Benzel Harnas, Yankel Shmerkovich, Aron Kaplan." An
investigation conducted into this report showed that "this notice is of an
anonymous character, the names of the undersigned...are made up."

I am pretty sure that Faivush Warshachik is the father of my
great-grandmother Chaia/Anna/Golda/Ida Varshachik Markel who was
originally >from Kovno. (My Great-Uncle Philip Markel was named for

I'm wondering the meaning of this article. Does this suggest that Faivush
was a tax-collector in Kovno/Kaunas and that he may have been involved
with some sort of embezzlement scheme? I would be grateful for an

I tried to send message to the translator of the article, but the message
bounced back.

Mark Strauss in NYC

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