KAUPER and ISAACS families in the Neterlands, c. 1837 #general

Laurel Presser

Hello fellow researchers,

I'm trying to help a friend who is relatively new to the world of genealogy, has
just begun researching the Jewish side of her family, and is trying to find some
information about some ancestors who were supposedly born in the Netherlands.
This is the only information that she has:

John ISAACS and Adele KAUPER were married in approximately 1837, supposedly in
Holland and perhaps in Reusel De Mierdan, Noord Brebant. Their eldest child,
Abraham, was also believed to have been born in the Netherlands. John would
have been about 23 years old and Adele about 21 at the time of their marriage.
Abraham would have been born between 1837-1838.

By the time of the 1841 UK census the family is living in England, and their
second child, 1-year-old Emanuel, had been born in England. The family remained
in England after that.

My friend has also been told that Adele was said to have been an opera singer,
but she has no idea if this is true.

Not much information to go on, I'm afraid. She has tried looking at websites
that relate to Dutch genealogy, but has not yet had any success is finding

Any guidance, suggestions, or actual information about this family would be
greatly appreciated.

Laurel Presser
Manalapan, New Jersey

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