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robert fraser <rwfgjf@...>

Dear Genners -

Thanks to services provided by various Genners and organisations including
the Hebrew Free Burial Association, German Genealogy Group etc, I have
finally located my great-uncle Sigmund NAGEL, buried in Mout Richmond cemetery,
Staten Island, New York and have many photos of his grave. I also found his son
and daughter-in-law in a different cemetery. But I'm still stumped by his wife

I'm not at all experienced in the use of the various US resources; this is
what little I know:

Rosa Amalia NAGEL migrated to NY in 1940, and was widowed a few months
later. She was naturalised as a US citizen on Dec 17 1945 (aged 64y), and
gave a Park Avenue address. She was later (don't know how much later)
reported to be at the Waldorf-Astoria (?hotel,?apartment). I have
obtained many of her documents, US naturalisation etc, but nothing that
might indicate her death. And nothing has so far turned up via a well-known
free database.

I've checked all available free death and cemetery databases that I can
find, including those of the JGS-NY and the German Genealogy Group (which
has excellent and most useful databases). Nothing sounds likely, although I
have ordered a 'possible' >from City of New York. The dates are different,
but one never knows.

No doubt I've missed a great deal.

It passes my understanding that a person could die in New York (I have
assumed that she remained in New York) and leave no record. Can anyone point
me in a likely direction?

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia

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