Help with Russian translation #general

Laufer, Shmuel

I need help with Russian translation of 3 records. Appreciate translation
of names, ages, places and all important data.

Bith certificate of Sara Ryfka Laufer

Bith certificate of Zelek Laufer

Marriage certificate of Fawel Laufer and Ryszka Szmulovicz

Marriage certificate of Cyrla Laufer and Osef Zyman

Thanks in advance

Shmuel Laufer
Rehovot - Israel
Researching: LAUFER (Przasnysz - Poland), WIATRAK (Przasnysz - Poland),
DOMB (Pultusk-Poland), BRUCKMAN / BRUKMAN (Sarnaki-Poland), ZELAZO
(Sarnaki-Poland). MITELMAN (Chelm-Poland), TENERMAN (Dubienka - Poland),
PRESCHEL (Chernovich-Bukovina), SCHNAP (Chernovich-Bukovina), LEDER

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