Re: Shtetl Research Vieksniai and Rokiskis #general

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

Since Marcella Shames is actually looking for Jews >from Radute and not
necessarily Rokiskis, it would help if she posted the names of the families
she is researching as she did with Vieksniai.

In addition, she should check out two SIGs for further information on her
family names:

LitvakSIG - The All-Lithuania Database (ALD) should be searched for both
records of the family names and also records by town name. Check with the
Zarasai District Coordinator, Paul Hattori, as Radute is in that district.
Also, when searching in the ALD you will find that records for Radute Jews
are not only in Rokiskis, but other shtetls as well such as Kupiskis which
also has a shtetlink site.

South Africa SIG - There are a number of databases relating to South Africa
where one can look up information on families. You can go first to the
South Africa SIG web site at: to learn
more about researching there and also post on the Digest. In addition,
there is the SA Jewish Rootsbank site:
and the National Archives of South Africa site.

Ann Rabinowitz

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