Finding living persons in the United States #general

Bette Stoop Mas <bette_sscf@...>

A genealogist needs to be a detective!

Since my Digest message below (see JewishGen Discussion Group Archive, I have replied
privately to numerous postings searching for people in the United States.

Yesterday's poster was unable to contact a FTJP tree submitter, Subject:
TOBIANSKY. My reply was based on the following methodology:

1) The name and address (last updated Mar 2001) of the FTJP submitter with
matching JewishGen ID# was found in JGFF (last logged in Feb 2010).
2) Veromi lists the submitter's age, possible relatives and associated
cities in the United States.
3) Anywho does not list the submitter in any of the associated states
(number may be unlisted or a cell phone).
4) Zabasearch lists the submitter, birth month and year and addresses in two
states but no phone numbers.
5) SSDI does not list the submitter.
6) Google finds an online obituary for the submitter's brother that confirms
names of immediate relatives.
7) Veromi lists associated cities for other relatives, including another
brother whose address and phone number are listed in Anywho.

Gary Mokotoff's article, "Locating Living Americans: Selected Resources" in
the Spring 2010 issue of Avotaynu contains additional helpful methodology.

Bette Stoop Mas
Florida, USA

<< Subject: Finding living descendants in the United States (was Cousins)
From: "bette_sscf" <bette_sscf@...>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 09:33:48 -0400
<< Dr. Stephen Morse has provided genealogists with wonderful search tools
on his One-Step Webpages at Privateeye is only one of
Steve's many other valuable webpages besides his famous Ellis Island search

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