I messed up again.. #general

Yonatan Shapiro <yonatanshapiro@...>

I want to thank the 2 people who helped me find Nettie Augstowsky
SCHULMAN children. I got one on the phone. When that happens a feel
over joy excitement feels me and I am not sure how to proceed.
Sometimes I control myself and handle the conversation ok not to scare
them or hurt them in anyway. Even though I have been doing my search
for more than 10 years I still have not mastered contacting people.
Do I tell about myself, explain why I am calling ... want small chat
I can break to the table. I feel thi heavy load on me at I am scared
how much info I will pull out on this conversation or if there will me
a 2nd one. So I go on and on .. pulling explaining .. Some times i
do a great job and get off the phone early enough .. but enough
times I do not. I have remind me essapliy after WTC bombing people are
scared of faurd etc.. I am perusing my trees not only as a
genealogical pursuit also a spiritual one. I am observant and love all
Jews. I get scared when people on the other end might since that since
I am calling >from Israel and judge me unfairly.

I must speak to these people again. I wondering what you think I
can do.. Call again explain my personality- write a letter and send
in the reg. mail - send an email
And them what do I say.. e.g. One pressing question I have
is. the granddaughter of Nettie said Nettie father was Abraham. I feel
his name as to be Julius since I am not find any records of a Dora
married to an Abraham.

She told me about in bklyn. Sad she did not even know her first
cousin passed away. I got the widow on the phone. I did not know the
family situation. So I did not mention her cousin name and I looked up
her number on line... I said among my research info and got her
number on line. She did not seem to remember to much.. I thought I should
try again with her write her and explain who I am
and what the heck I want >from the woman.

The older generations are going and I wanna eat there information more
than snacks.. I want to build a relationship with them and there
families - ones that are related somehow..

Help- Concered jewish genner
Yisroel Yonatan Shapiro

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