In Need of Some Help Translating Yiddish #general



I need some help translating part of a book: Goldfaden-bukh (1926)
(In English, The Book of Goldfaden) which is downloadable through
Nat'l Yiddish Book Center (I can provide a link as well). Abraham
GOLDFADEN, the subject of the book, was, I'm pretty sure, my
great-granduncle, and I'm trying to get a definitive link between him
and my great-grandfather, Samuel Goldfaden. I have almost no
information on Samuel himself besides some US census records
and an incomplete death certificate. Assuming this book
supports my hypothesis, I'd also like any available information on
their other two brothers. I presume that the information on Abraham's
youth is near the front, but I can't read any Yiddish to state that for
a fact. I am looking for any details regarding birth dates and places,
family, etc. that could prove useful in my search.

Posting the entire book in Viewmate doesn't seem very practical. I
understand that this is a lot to ask of a volunteer, and I'd gladly pay
someone conversant in Yiddish to help.


Joanne Goulding

Interested in surnames: BRAUER (Germany), LEOPOLD (Alsace-Lorraine), BLOCH
(Alsace-Lorraine), TUSKA (Hungary), Eisner (Hungary),GOLDFADEN(Russia/Ukraine),
MESHORES/MESHARES(Lithuania), and BUKANSKY (Lithuania) researching

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