Translation: Russian for Kadecki records from Biezun, Poland #general

Gary Lelonek <goodbachur@...>

Dear Genners,

I am working with a group of genner researchers on the surname
KADECKI. We have pooled our on data on a the Kadetsky family history

Please provide any names, dates and places recorded for the following records:

16872 Either a birth or a death record for Icek Zurech Kadecki in 1884
16873 Death record for Nycha Kadecka in 1888.
16874 Death record for Chana Kadecka in 1891
16875 Marriage record for Chana Chaia Kadecka and Abram Lejb Nesse
16876 Death record for Abram Gersz Kadecki in 1894.

Here are the links:

Gary Lelonek

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