Re: Smyrna, Turkey and ABOUAF family #general


Hi Yisrael,

You wote:

Wishing you all a great week. My mother ased me the following" If you
can find out how to get info on the Orthodox Jewish community
of Smyrna, Turkey(which is of course Sephardi) >from maybe 1900-1950,
we could use info. The specific family is ABOUAF, and Jerry
Back/Abouaf's father was Tzadok YomTov Abouaf. We are looking for
Jerry's name which you probably can't help with but we really want
Jerry's paternal grandfather. The name for reasons likely of
space/cost was not on Jerry's father's stone." Thanks in advance,

The Family Finder is the place where you should first look. There are three
researchers looking for their ABUAF (various spellings) family >from Izmir.
You should contact them.

Mathilde Tagger
Israel Genealogial Society- jerusalem branch

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