Harris and Yetta Feinstein - PA/NY #general

Kelly Feinstein-Johnson <cliodancing@...>

I'm taking a shot in the dark to see if the following names/places pop
up on anyone else's family tree. I'm >from a branch of the Feinsteins
that came through New York and settled in Philadelphia. Due to a
series of family tragedies, my sister, father, aunt, and sister are
all that are left >from this particular branch of the family (this
means there is no extended family I can talk to).
What I know, per the 1920 and 1930 Census I'm looking for Harris
Feinstein (b. 1883/4) >from Russia (vague, I know), his wife Yetta (b.
1883 or 1888, conflicting), and 3 children: Samuel (b. 1909), Aaron
(b. 1913 and went by Archie), and Esther (b. 1915). Harris and Yetta
both listed their immigration date as 1903 and naturalization dates as
1911, but I can't find naturalization or immigration or ship's
register listings for either. I'm assuming Harris changed his first
name after arriving in the United States. I do not know if they
arrived here married or met and married in the United States. I don't
know what they did in Russia or NY, but in Philadelphia they owned a
furniture/hardware store near or on North Park Ave. (now part of
Temple University). Sam was born in NY, but Archie was born in PA.

If any of these names sound familiar please don't hesitate to contact me.


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