Unraveling puzzle of the LAN (LANE) family from Panevezys>New York and Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA #general

Jeff Miller

Last year, after six years of research, I was successful in connecting with
LANE (LAN) family cousins in the Philadelphia area who came >from Panevezys
Lithuania (Ponevezh Russia). They had come >from the same town as our New
York LANE family, but unlike our New York relatives, came through the
Philadelphia port. Some of the same Jewish names are predominant in both
families, including the names of my great grandparents, Tsippora and Akiva,
and the names of my great great grandparents, David and Beile. I made good
progress towards researching the Philadelphia branch of the family during my
2009 visit to that city for an international IAJGS Jewish Genealogy
Conference. A cousin Amor LANE and his sister Sylvia provided much of the
initial information that jump-started my research.

Over the years, I'd thought my great grandfather, Akiva LAN (LANE), had been
the only member of his family to emigrate to the United States. However, I
have identified a Philadelphia brother of my great grandfather as Samuel, a
shoemaker, and now two additional brothers who came to Harrisburg,

My first find was identification on a 1905 Philadelphia passenger list of an
Osher LUEN and wife Liebe >from Panevezys ("Ponewezh Kovna") who were going
to Harrisburg, PA to join a daughter Lena LAWIN. But here the trail went
dead. I couldn't find any of the three, Osher, Liebe, or Lena, in any

Another key find was a 1906 Baltimore arrival of a wife Simch LAHN and
children Beile, Abrahm, Sabse, and Seil, coming >from Panevezys (Ponievezh)
to their husband and father Max LANE in Harrisburg, PA.

I studied Census listings and city directories for Harrisburg and noticed
that Max LANE, like Samuel LAN (LANE), started out as a shoemaker, and the
clincher was when I found that Hyman had a daughter named Lena who I
ascertained was the same Lena to whom Osher and Liebe were headed. Hence,
Osher and Liebe LUEN were Hyman and Sarah LANE, and Simch LAHN was Yetta
LANE, wife of Max LANE.

I now have identified three brothers of my great grandfather and seek to
continue the research, identify descendants, and reunite with new cousins.
When I realized what I had I got pretty teary-eyed.

I particularly need your help in my research for my families from

In the 1920 Census, Hyman and Sarah have children Abraham, Samuel and Lena.
I know Abraham died while residing in Philadelphia, zip code 19132, in April
1967 >from the SSDI.

In the 1920 Census, Max was living with his children Bella, Sarah, Abraham,
Edith, Harry and Anna.

I'd appreciate hearing >from anyone with family information, or knowledge or
Harrisburg cemeteries, obituaries, or other clues about the families.

Thank you,

Jeff Miller, Maryland/D.C. area

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