Mentors and Disciples #general

Mordechai Perlman

I am currently involved in a project, on behalf of Machon Moreshes
Ashkenaz, to create a Memorbuch for Ashkenazic Jewry.

This project will contain a list of all cities, towns and villages
that suffered persecution, expulsion, extermination, since the resettlement
of Ashkenaz by Rabbeinu Moshe HaZakein HaGadol ben Kalonymus of Lucca
(passed away in 4650) until today, with a brief description of what occurred
there (where available)

The other facet of this project, and what concerns Rabbinic
genealogists, is a listing of all the Rabbanim of all the cities, towns and
villages since Rabbeinu Moshe HaZakein HaGadol ben Kalonymus of Lucca
(passed away in 4650) until today, with a brief description of their
genealogy and accomplishments (where available).

However, I am searching for genealogy software that will assist me
in mapping the genealogy of the Rabbanim. Now, any genealogy program will be
sufficient for this and I have many that work, some better, some worse.
However, I require a program that will allow me to input mentors and
disciples and to show graphically, connections between them.

I have not found to date, any program that will do this. At one
time, I considered the option of inputting additional spouses. However, this
will not work in some very simple instances.

For example, Rashi had three to four mentors: Rabbeinu Yaakov ben
Yakar, Rabbeinu Yitzchak HaLevi, Rabbeinu Yitzchak bar Yehudah, and some say
Rabbeinu Eliezer HaGadol. His father Rav Yitzchak (and his mother who is
known) would also be on the graphical tree. If I input these four mentors as
additional spouses, connection will still not be shown between them and
Rashi, as Rashi can only be descended >from one couple.

Another example, Rabbeinu Tam, Rashbam and Rivam are all brothers,
sons of Rabbeinu Meir (Rashi's son-in-law). Rashbam learned by his
grandfather Rashi. Rabbeinu Tam learned by his older brother Rashbam. No
program will allow a brother to also be a father.

Therefore, I must obtain a program that will allow for the
construction of mentor-disciple trees that is part of the software, and not
the result of tricks.

Does anyone know of such software? Perhaps there is open source
software that I can have modified to my needs. I am running Windows Vista
Home Premium.

Mordechai Perlman

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