Mount Carmel Cemetery, NY #general

Lisa Grayson <lisa@...>

Thank you, Steven Lasky, for mentioning the Union Field, Knollwood Park,
and Mount Carmel cemeteries in a message regarding online burial
searches. I checked as suggested; while I
didn't find the relatives I sought, I came across another by accident!
If you are looking for relatives buried in metro New York, it's
definitely worth checking the Mount Carmel site.

By the way, if you haven't already browsed Mr. Lasky's online Museum of
Family History (, please take a look. The
museum is full of wonderful virtual exhibits -- and it never closes! I
found the exhibit on Eastern European photo studios fascinating. This is
just a fan's plug for a great resource; I have no connection to or
financial interest in the MFH.

Lisa Grayson
Chicago, Illinois USA

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