Deaths In Vienna By Food Poisoning #general

Ellen Korpi

My namesake is my father's sister, Ella Feld, who died in 1918 in Vienna. It
was towards the end of WW1, the family was starving (my father developed
rickets) and my grandmother obtained some food that made them all sick and
was lethal to 4 year old Ella. Several days ago, through a tip on a link
posted on this discussion group, I was able to find the record of Ella?s
burial, which confirmed the old family story.

What was intriguing is that on the very same day, a Salomon Feld aged 57
also died, one of only 4 other Felds that died in Vienna during the war. He
was never part of the family story but it makes me wonder if he was related
to the family and shared in the unfortunate meal.

I am seeking advice on how to obtain a death certificate >from Vienna or any
other records >from Vienna that might shed light on Salomon Feld?

Many thanks,
Ellen Korpi

FELD (Vienna, Pzemsyl, Lemberg), SILBER (Pzemsyl), KATZ (Pzemsyl, Magierow),
CHAMAJDES (Magierow), TOBACK, FISHMAN and SCHWEITZER (Podalia, Ukraine)

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