Svencionys District Research Group of LitvakSIG #belarus


LitvakSIG is pleased to report that the first translations of
Revision lists for the recently formed District Research Group of
Svencionys have now been received. They cover the years 1874_1875

1899_1908 Not all shtetls appear for all years.

Shtetls represented include: Adutiskis, Daugeliskis, Kamaie,

Linkmenys, Lentupis, Svencionys, Svir and Zhodziski A surname list
appears at and can be downloaded
from the bottom of the home page.
Having completed these translations, LitvakSig would like to begin
translating the 1858 Revision List . Further information can be
obtained >from me.

Dorothy Leivers

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