Old Montefiore and New Montefiore online indexes #belarus

Jim Yarin

I requested a photo >from New Montefiore because I found someone whose grave
was indexed >from that site. Turns out he was also indexed on the (Old)
Montefiore site, too. I don't know if this is a common problem, but if you
find a listing on the New Montefiore site, the person may not acually be
buried there. I called up the cemetery, and though unaware of the problem
per se, I was told that the online indexes are still being worked on.

AND, if you are going out to the (Old) Montefiore cemetery anytime soon, and
can take a photo for me, please let me know. THANKS.

Jim Yarin
Acton, MA, USA

One-name study of EFRON, EFFRON, EPHRON -- you get the idea.

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