Yiddish letters from Brest and Rostov #belarus


I recently visited my parents and they bestowed upon me a box of
Yiddish letters that were apparently written >from my family ancestors
from before and after WW2 to my grandmother in the Bronx, NY. My
grandmother grew up in Shedrin (Szedrin, Scadryn) which is near
Bobruisk (she had family in Bobruisk and Klitchev) in what is now
Belarus. Her maiden name was RABINOVITCH (RABINOWITZ, etc) and her
mother's maiden name was WERTKIN (VERKIN). My grandmother left her
family when she was a teenager and came to New York in 1923. Her
mother died in the late 1920s and the family first moved to
Birobidzhan but it was too cold and difficult a life so they then
moved on to Rostov where they became educated math professors at the
university there. My grandmother's brother, Boris RABINOVITCH, was
considered one of the top 100 Russian mathematicians. When the Iron
Curtain closed in around them, my grandmother was told by them to stop
writing and stop sending things because the KGB was always watching
and they were fearful of losing their positions. I don't know what is
in these letters I now possess but I'd love to get them translated.
Can someone send me a suggestion that won't cost me an arm and a leg?
I have a feeling these letters contain amazing world history as well
as family history facts. I am not opposed to donating them to a
museum if they will get translated and preserved.

Regards and thank you.
Rishy Savin
Miami, FL
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