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Leaving some brick walls behind in my search for my ROZENSZTEYN family
said to be >from Janowa (near Mlawa), I've recently been off hunting on
my father's side researching Vilna LANDSMAN and FAJNBERG family.

Today, I decided to re-visit JRI-Poland and see if anything new had
shown up, so I searched my key family names with the (wonderfully useful)
search option to look only for new records
(I chose January 2010). Amazingly, one key record seems to have popped
up that could help me break through the wall.

My GGG-GM Chaia Sura Rozenstein married Juda Lejb Zylberman and lived in
Przasnysz. While lots of records exist, not a one give the names of
Chaia Sura's parents, so I can track Zylberman back 6 more generations
before Juda Lejb around Przasnysz, but there has been no clue
for Rozenstein until now.

A newly updated record shows my GG-GM's brother Icek Majer (Itchie
Meir) ZYLBERMAN marrying a Brucha Ita GAMBURGER in Radzanow in 1899.
I will order this record >from the Mlawa archives as fast as I can send
the electrons >from the email to PSA at the Mlawa archives. Hopefully,
the clerk there in 1899 captured more Rozenstein family data than the
clerk in Prazsnysz!

Unfortunately, we also know that Itchie Meir and his family perished in
the shoah. A search of JRI-Poland shows what is apparently only one
family GAMBURGER in Radzanow. Eliasz Icek and his wife Szajna had a
number of children in Radzanow in the 1860-1880 period including Hersz,
Sura Dwoyra, Brana Ester, Zelman, Laia Bluma, Josek Berek, Chil, Szlama
and Abram Szyia. There is no birth record for Brucha Ita but I assume she
was part of the same family.

The shoah database finds also one Gamburger/Hamburger family in Radzanow
(later in Mlawa). Abram Szyia, b. 1876 married Ester and had a large family
that mostly perished in the Shoah. Pages of testimony were submitted in 1956
by Abram Szyia's son Tzvi Hamburger, who survived and lived in Israel
I believe (I can't quite tell >from the page of testimony which is in Hebrew).
Tzvi would have been the nephew of Brucha Ita (nee Hamburger) Zylberman.

As I understand it, Brucha Ita (nee Hamburger) Zylberman and her husband
Itchie Meir lived in Przasnysz where they eventually took over a store/business
inherited >from Juda Lejb when he died.

If any of this is familiar, please contact me privately at

Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ

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