Gravestone Inscription Translated #general

JAY PAUL <jpaul54@...>

I just wanted to let folks know that I no longer need help with my
request -- I have had the kind assistance of Ittai Hershman and David
Rosen in translating the perplexing parts of my great-uncle's
gravestone. I didn't realize (a) that Mem-Vav-Hay could be an acronym
for "Morenu v' Harav" (Our teacher and Rabbi), nor (b) that this
honorific could be in any way applied to my great-uncle.

The inscription in its entirety brings up more questions about my
great-uncle, and perhaps some day I shall learn more.

My deepest thanks to Ittai Hershman and David Rosen.


Jay P. Paul, PhD
San Francisco, CA 94117, USA

Researching: SUMBERG (Pilvishok/Pilviskiai, Lithuania), LANGERT
(Pilviskiai & elsewhere in Suwalki gubernia); KAHN (Ranstadt,
Germany), PAVLOVSKIJ / PAVLOVSKY (Antonovka, Biela Tserkov, Vasilkov,
Ukraine), LEVITSKIJ / LEVITZSKY (Yasnogorodka, Vasilkov, Kiev
gubernia), KOTLER (Pilvishok, Suwalki gubernia), WOLF (Hungary).

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