Pastel of Woman in 1830's Germany #general

Ronnie Hess

Dear JewishGeners,

Perhaps someone can help figure out what pastel my paternal aunt handed down
to my sister and me. It may or may not be a relative. All we know is that
the pastel picture, >from the late 1830s, seems to be of a young German,
presumably Jewish, young woman. To see the pastel and the back of the pastel
where there is a description in German, go to the following sites:

I would like to know:
1. What does the description say?
2. Is there an indication of who the artist or the subject was?
3. Is this a portrait of a woman on her wedding day?
4. Are there any obvious aspects to the pastel that would indicate her
socio-economic background and/or religion?

Many thanks,

(Ms.) Ronnie Hess
Madison, WI
Oberdorf, Munich, Berlin, Guben

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