Re: Prematurely closed ViewMate posts #general

Martin Jacobs <marjacobs1@...>

I don't see why it is ever necessary to close a post - you cut yourself off >from
the possibility of learnng something more. In the post I had in mind, the
poster closed the post after one day, having received one reply to his request
for translation of a Yiddish letter. The translation was incomplete, and
several items of genealogical importance were left out. The closing took place
between my first seeing the post and my readiness to translate, a period of just
a few minutes.

Why would someone want to cut himself off >from possible further information? It
makes the potential answerer think: why bother, if this is how interested the
inquirer really is? You could of course say that the poster thought the answer
was complete, but after just one day? Why the impatience? Why not wait to see
if something additional is forthcoming?

I should add that this is not the first time I have seen posts prematurely
closed, and information therefore missed.

Martin Jacobs
Brooklyn, NY

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