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John Hrusovszky <jhrusovszky@...>

I have been researching a possible connection to my paternal genealogy
line to a Schlesinger in Slovakia for 20 some years and have not yet
found a connection, thus I am posting this information
again in hopes that someone new may see it that may have a clue to
help me close a gap in my genealogy.

I believe I may be descended >from a Schlesinger in Slovakia in the
late 1800s. What I know is the following:
My paternal grandfather was born Jan Hrusovsky 08 Oct 1912 in
'Schlesinger Majer' (near Piestany,Slovakia).His mother (Julianna Hrusovska)
is listed on his birth certificate, but no father is listed.

Possible father of Jan:

Richard Schlesinger b. 20 Oct 1871 Klucove, Bolesov, Rabinate,
Slovakia. m. Elsa Popper

Richard's parents:
Adolf Schlesinger b. 1843 Nemsova, Slovakia m. Cacilie Popper b. Nov
1849 Rajec Teplice, Slovakia

Friderika b. 26 May 1869,
Olga b. 11 Aug 1870,
Richard b. 20 Oct 1871

Adolf's parents:
Jacob Schlesinger b. 1820 Bolesov, Slovakia m. Cecilia 'Zilli'
Lowi b. 1825.

Children: Adolf b. 1843,
Bertha b. 1851,
Isak Elias b.1857,
Arnold b. 29 Sep 1859,
David b. 16 Jan 1861,
Mina b. 08 Mar 1865.

Cacilie's parents:
Abraham Popper b. 1814 Poruba. m. Esther 'Netti' Schimek

Abraham's parents:
Leopold Popper m. ? Feigel

Leopold's parents:
Herschel 'Israel' Popper b. in Hlinik, Trencin County

Now, the questionable items:
Julianna Hrusovska was a resident of 'Schlesinger Majer' (this was
explained to me as being a farming community in Slovakia owned by a
Richard Schlesinger and/or his family.) Jan's family
was always told that he was the illegitimate son of a King and he was
conceived while his mother was a chambermaid in the kingdom she lived
in Slovakia. We are assuming that a wealthy (or perceived wealthy) land
owner would quite possibly appear to be like a king, and since his
mother (Julianna) lived there on the farm (kingdom), she probably was
some sort of maid or laborer,thus the family 'lore' that was handed down
about her being a chambermaid in a kingdom.

This is the entire connection I currently have to the Schlesinger
lineage. There is no other links, nor any family left - my father passed
away this past September and would not talk about this possible
connection -- in fact was vehemently against believing it even
possible. He did mention that his family hid a Jewish family in 1940's
Hungary but he would not talk much about that either. I suspect he did not
know of any possible Jewish relationship -- that his father, Jan,
probably knew it but kept it secret.

I was fortunate enough to come across a lady in the Eastern U.S. that
turns out to be a distant cousin of mine, and she had heard the same story -
that Richard Schlesinger was the father of my grandfather
and once he found out Julianna was pregnant he abandoned her.
It seems there must be some truth to this, yet I can find no good way to
prove this connection unless I can connect with someone who has
some knowledge of this Richard Schlesinger and/or his family in
Slovakia. Perhaps there was a journal or diary or Bible or some sort of
note left somewhere that someone has possession of that could help.

Would a DNA test assist me in finding if I am a descendant of the
Schlesinger's? At least that way I would know if I am on the right track or
not. If so, there are different types of DNA tests and I am unsure what type
I would need to acquire. Further, I assume I would also need to locate
someone who is a direct descendant of Richard Schlesinger in order to
see if there even is a match?

One confusing part to me: On the original birth record for Jan
Hrusovsky, the priest made a mistake and wrote Rusovszky instead of
Hrusovsky. This was corrected in 1942 to Hrusovsky. The remark says:
" cognomes matris recte est Hrusovsky"....meaning, the correct surname
of the mother is Hrusovsky.

Jan married in Budapest in 1937. He might have had a son in 1938 that
died very young, and he definitely had 1 son in 1939 (my father).
Jan's birth record was corrected in 1942 -- I don't understand
why it was corrected, but that was around the time of WWII, so could
that possibly be an attempt to hide lineage?

If anyone understands the possibilities/probabilities of this
information, or can point me in a possible direction to try and further
my research, that would be so welcome. I'm sure there are many, many items
I do not understand >from the historical, political, and cultural
issues of the times in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Thank you very much, in advance.

John Hrusovszky
Junction City, WI, USA

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