Requesting town name clarification/translation? #general

Jeff Miller

I'm trying to get clarification on whether some town names written in
Passenger Arrival records were based on town names >from Austria-Hungary as
opposed to Russian or Yiddish names for the towns. Specifically, I am
interested in a town that a Dine Fraider came from, written as Dukajewitz or
perhaps Duhajewitz, and am wondering if this name (and perhaps others) were
from an Austria-Hungary name for the place. I wrote in an article that was
published in Avotaynu:

Some confusion comes >from an Ellis Island passenger
arrival record dated August 8, 1906, of a ship >from Liverpool
that lists a Jankel Freider (Fraider) >from Kischinoff or
Kirschinoff (Kishinev). Two others on the same ship were
listed as Efroim and Dine Trajder (Fraider). Efroim was
Frank Fraider, age 19, listed as a cigarette maker >from a
town written as Furokow. His sister Dine, 22, listed as a
milliner, was >from a town that is listed as Dukajewitz. Most
records and family information for the Fraiders, and an
autobiography written by a Sam Fraider record, however,
that the family lived in Kuzmin, near Starokonstantinov, or
Old Konstantin, in what was then Volhynia guberniya.

Jeff Miller
Maryland/D.C. area

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