Janowo near Mlawa - was it Hansburg (Prussia) and where are the records? #general

MandJMeyers <mandjmeyers@...>

I've been searching for my great-grandmother's family ROZENSZTEJN for
a while now. She was supposedly born in Janowa and married Juda Lejb
ZYLBERMAN with whom she had many children in his home town of Przasnysz
(Prushnitz). The Zylberman family go back to at least the early 1800s
in Przasnysz and Chorzele area but, because none of the birth records
give her parents' names, I've had no luck yet tracing my ggm Chaia Sura

The first question I have to answer is, where is Janowa (there are a
lot of them in Poland) and why are there no records of my ggm or any of
the other Rozensztejn branches that are known to also originate in
Janowa (and who are almost certainly my relatives, by some as yet
unknown connection)?

Which Janowa? I assume that it is the one closest to Przasnysz and
Chorzele. Shtetl Finder Gazetteer by Cohen (1989) lists a number of
candidates but the best match is on p.120

"Janowo, N of Warsaw, located N of Mlawa (1888, Rabbi Yehuda Leib ben
Rafel Zonabend appointed)"

JewishGen resource map shows it only 10km NNW of Mlawa

Gmina Janowo is currently in Nidzica County, Warmian-Masurian
Voivodeship and has approximately 2800 people.

Another reason I believe this is the correct Janowo is that another
family Rozensztejn >from Janowo have a family story that the patriarch
Aharon Rozensztejn was (for a while at least) a wine merchant in
Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad). When Aharon and his wife died, their
four sons were sent back to Janowo to live with relatives (David/Davis
went to London, Naftali Hersh and Yehuda stayed in Poland, unknown
brother is supposed to have gone to S.Africa). The Janowo above
is also the best candidate due to its location near Konigsberg in what
was then Prussia.

The most recent issue of Avotaynu has an article that mentions a website
that is useful for identifying towns that went back and forth between
Poland and Germany. When I enter Janowo into the website, the Janowo
abovecomes back as the town of Hansburg in the county of Niedenberg (now
Nidzica in Poland).


When I enter Hansburg into the JewishGen shtetlfinder it comes back
directly with Konigsberg, so perhaps Hansburg/Janowo was part of
greater Konigsburg?

I'm wondering if there are any known jewish records available for
Janowo/Hansburg in either the Polish or German archival system?
Where would Janowo/Hansburg records for Jewish births, deaths,
marriages, etc have been kept in the mid-1800s? Would they have
been kept in Niedenberg/Nidzica, the largest nearby town?

I would also like to know when the border changed and what is known
about how the jews dealt with the border/country changes? Did it
impact travel or work or marriages across the changed borders?


Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ

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