Re: BOOKSTAFF, Milwaukee #general


Since you know a U.S. City to look for, another good resource is searching
City Directories. Not many are online yet, but those that are really help
fill in family stories. This is a link to one location including 1897-1898. No BOOKSTAFF but does have
BLUM, an early Milwaukee resident. There were many more Jews in Milwaukee
after 1900 than before.

I have 1933 and 1936 Milwaukee City Directories, and am sending the
BOOKSTAFF residents to you under separate email. I think you'll be pleased with
the information a City Directory supplies.

Carolyn Goldberg (Berg) Rutherford
Formerly of Milwaukee, WI now Batavia, OH

Subject: Reeva and Paul BOOKSTAFF; Annabelle and Morris in Milwaukee, USA
Fanny's relatives were Reeva and Paul Bookstaff; Annabelle and Morris-
According to my mother, Morris and Annabelle owned a liquor store in

-- Vicki Blum Vigil, Cleveland Ohio

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