Goleszow (Goleschau)- Cement Factory Near Auschwitz #general


My cousin, Pierre (nee Ephraim in France) CHANOVER, a hidden child Holocaust
survivor, told me just yesterday, that he had learned his father, Shlomo
Yankel nee CHRZANOWER (k/a Jacques in France), did not die immediately upon
his deportation to Auschwitz on Convoy #5 >from Beaune la Ronde, France on
June 28, 1942.

Shlomo Yankel CHRZANOWER apparently was sent to work in the Portland Cement
Factory in or near Goleszow, Poland (Goleschau in German). We cannot
determine for how long Shlomo Yankel worked in Goleszow before his death in

Pierre would like to learn his father's actual date of death in order to
properly memorialize his father's death by saying Kadish. Pierre was 9 years
old the last time he saw his father, 68 years ago.

A Google search of Goleszow provides some basic historical information but
no specific documentation of workers as far as I could tell.

Thanks for any help, information and insights,

Eden Joachim
Pomona, NY

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