Re: Fanny and Toni: Question and Comment #general

sharon yampell


I can't help you with the actual names, Fanny and Toni but I can tell you
why there are some women named Chaya______ or men named Chaim________.

When a person survived a serious illness or injury, it is usually customary
to add Chaya or Chaim to their first name as a way of saying their lives had
been restored.

Sharon Yampell
South Jersey suburb of Philadelphia

Hilary Osofsky wrote to ask about the names Fanny and Toni and

My question, however, pertains to Jewish naming traditions with respect to
our Russian side. I'm wondering whether these girls might have been named for
their grandmother, born in Kovno Guberniya, Russia, in 1823, whose name was
recorded as Chaya Feyga, or whether Feyga was more likely their
great-grandmother or other relation. I vaguely recall reading in the JewishGen
Given Names Database that, in certain circumstances, girls were named in the
same manner as boys; unfortunately, I have been unable to find my way back
to that information. If that applied here, then they would have been the
daughter of Chaya bat Feyga and the granddaughters of Feyga.

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