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Robert Israel <israel@...>

louiskessler@... (Louis Kessler) writes:
Ron Schorr (rwwschorr@...) asked:
What does "Cong. Adas Israel Anshei Galicia Menach Sfard" mean?

"Adas" (other spellings: Adath, Edat) means "community of" and is related to
the Hebrew word for "witness".
"Anshei" means "men of", in this case Galicia distinguishing them >from the men
of someplace else.
"Menach" no idea. never heard of it. Maybe someone else out there has.
"Sfard" This does not mean they are of Sefardic ancestry but that they use a
Hasidic siddur which has Sefardic features.
I suspect that "Menach" is actually "Nusach", again referring to the form of
the siddur. See e.g. the Wikipedia article on "Nusach Sefard".

Robert Israel
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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