Kovel Shtetlinks Webpage Updates #general

Bruce Drake <bruce.drake@...>

For those interested in Kovel, I've added to the shtetlinks site
(http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/kovel/kovel.htm) a translation of the
table of contents >from the "Pinkes Kovel" published in 1951 in Argentina.

This is a different book than the 1957 version which I've been having
translated as part of the JewishGen Yizkor book project, and since making
progress there is challenging enough, I don't have plans to undertake
translation of this book too. However, there is a link in the document to
one chapter that had been translated into English for a book called ">from a
Ruined Garden: The Memorial Books of Polish Jewry." The chapter
appropriately is called "What is a Pinkes?" and it is a wonderfully
interesting story whether you are specifically interested in Kovel or not.

The direct link to the table of contents is below. Two caveats: (1) The
Yiddish translator who I used made at least one mistake that I noticed only
because when I went to look for the "What is a Pinkes?" chapter, he had
rendered it as "What is such a pad?" I know >from studying other languages
that sometimes a word has several variant meanings, and "pad" could be one
of them here (I don't know Yiddish), but it certainly was not correct in its
context. So, there may be other instances of this. (2) If you are using
Internet Explorer, it may pop up a sign-in box when you click on the link.
Hit "cancel" and the page should appear. Your browser may also ask you if
you want it to open the document with Word, and you should answer yes.


I have also updated the page that lists all the names mentioned in any
documents on the site to reflect the names mentioned in the table of
contents. That link is here:


Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, Md.

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