Re: Using Search Functions #general

Miriam Margolyes <yarrawa@...>

Barbara Zimmer is an astonishingly fine genealogist. She has helped
me countless times in a generous & informed way, sharing her vast knowledge
& finding me more family through her wide experience. Her recent post on
search techniques is one of the most useful I have ever read. It's just
those very elusive 'tricks' of searching which we all need to know.
The large database which starts with A has a notoriously awful Index.
I use it daily, I both love & hate it & we need it, but the errors are so
plentiful that without a good search strategy, one is lost.

I hope everyone will realise how lucky we are to have such an informed
Genner amongst us. And perhaps Barbara could upload her tips to the
Jewishgen Infofiles. This Newsletter then doubles its usefulness; not just
as a Contact place but alsoa texbook for search technique.

Happy New Year to all.

Miiriam Margolyes

searching: in Newcastle, UK: SANDMAN, ROSENBERG, LEWIS, JENKINS.

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