Researching Polish genealogy? #general

Jules Levin

The Kaunas records have yielded many individuals with the family name I am
researching: BEREGOVSKI, going back to the end of the 18th C. The variant
BREGOVSKI seems to be older, and in a few cases is actually mentioned as an
alternate spelling for the same individual. Since this is a rare Jewish
surname, I have been googling the Polish BRZEGOWSKI, and I found several
Americans on Facebook, as well as 60 individuals in Poland with that name,
none of whom are presumably Jewish.

It then occurred to me that the Jews with this surname could have lived/worked
on an estate in Congress Poland whose owner had this name. But the Polish
page I found for BRZEGOWSKI shows only a map of modern Poland,
with this name only in central and especially southern Poland.

My question is: are there Polish genealogical lists that would have info on
18C. Polish estates and their names? How else can I research the (obviously)
non-Jewish origins of this name? And are there estate records that list the
Jews employed there?
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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