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Dear Jenners,
First a very big thank you to those who have responded to previous posts. Your
knowledge and generosity are hugely appreciated.

Now, my request... I have posted four images on viewmate. They constitute a four
page letter written in 1837 by my 3rd great grandfather to the Prussian authorities
requesting permission to remain in Golub, Prussia (now Golub-Dobrzyn, Poland). I
have had some partial translation done (see below) but would like the whole letter
translated. Is anyone able to decipher it??? It's quite hard to read the
handwriting! There are four pages. The links are:

The translation I have so far is as follows (thanks to Anna and Peter):
Acts of a town Golub, sign. 129 Marienwerder /Kwidzyn today/ 6 Sept 1837.
Since more than 21 years my father David Salomon is living in Poland /the place is
unknown/ and I as a young boy of 4 years and 3 sisters - the oldest is living in
Eylau (Germany) /now Ilawa/. Her husband is merchant Salzmann, and (she?) could be
abt. 36 years old now. The second sister is abt. 30 years old, and married to
(royal protected?) Abraham Lewin and living in Bratian. In Strasburg (now Brodnica
near Danzig) Abraham has the pub in a rent /lease/. ?He is also the owner of the
house in Strasburg?. The third sister is abt. 28 years old, she is a miss, living
in Lautenburg /Lidzbark Welski/, she is a servant to the merchant Jacobis. I am
the youngest of the brothers and sisters, I am 25 years old. I was with my father
until 13, I helped my father. >from then on I was still with ...? >from my father
with the ..? Zacharias in Lonkoreck /Lonkorek/ with whom I was ?. for one year.
Then I moved to the service of (royal protected?) Hirsch Lewin to Ostrowitt /
Ostrowite/ district Strasburg /Brodnica today/.We were here 2 years with Inspector
Keis. I went also in case of need to Boblitz /Bobolice/ and the ..? Thomas
Scharowski Ostrowite. Then I went as a servant to help my brother in law Abraham
Lewin to Ostrowite. He took also my father to his house. After one year my father
died in Ostrowite in the house of my brother in law. His burial /interment/ was in
Strasburg. After my father's death I was serving at the pub of my brother in law
Abrah. Lewin for 2 years in Ostrowite. Then I moved again to my brother in law in
Lonkorek and served for the same as in Lonkorek 4 years In this village and got
the servant's certificate for the Senior Official Freitag in Lonkorek. >from this
place I moved - returned to the pub to my brother in law to Bratian, he is still
living here. I was his servant to 22 Mar this year. For 2 years I had an
investigation with the .? Logonskize Neumark for debts ? criminal justice
(L?)ayanski ? Then I was 2 months inprisoned /we do not know why?/ and deported. I
returned to Bratian with the permission for the travel and the release >from the
prison. I was hear by the intendentur at the Domanien Rent Amt in Neumark /Urzad
Domenalno Rentowy in Nowe Miasto/ to across the border between the Polen area and
the Preussen. I wanted to go to Golub in Westpreussen to marry Minna Israel in
order to avoid deportation. I have got the atest of the major of Golub. I married
Mine Israel 22 Mar this year.The municipal government /Magistrat of Golub/ after
the marriage wants to give me the permission to stay in Golub until I did not prove
my family, officially and state connections. /Golub was at the Preussen area, he
lived before with his father at Poland/. I want to stay at the home of my father in
law - tailor Schmul Israel in Golub.

A huge thanks in advance to anyone able to assist.

Ms Dani Haski
Sydney Australia - search: geneodyssey


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