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Dear friends,

I am writing on behalf of a Jean-Claude LONKA in France as he feels that his
written English would not enable him to express fully the contents of a posting.

All information received to this posting will be passed on to him.

LONKA - Kaluszyn - Poland.
Elie LONKA - patriach. His son was Yankel Kopel mentioned in the Duma elector
list 1907. Family were stonemasons/builders.

Yankel Kopel LONKA married Gental/Gella nee Epelbaum. Children - Joseph b 1920
in Warsaw, Chaim, Mendel, Elie, Reuben, Israel, Mirka Menura, Rachel. -

Chaim (Jean-Claude's late father) believed he was the only survivor of the Shoah
until last year when Jean-Claude received information >from the USHM that his
uncle Joseph had not been murdered, in fact paperwork showed that he had been
deported to Mauthausen, liberated and then spent >from 1946-8 in Bad Reichenhall
Displaced Persons Camp, address 1L / 68 Bad Reichenhall, US zone. He also
attended the ORT school there to learn the trade of a locksmith.

On Feb. 8th 1948 an official form shows Joseph applying to emigrate to Palestine,
it was signed by a Dora Strassberg. However, there are no records in Israel
indicating that Joseph ever arrived. So where did he go?

Two cousins have been found - one in the USA where the surname was changed to LONKY
and another in Australia. Communication with the Australian cousin revealed that
yet another cousin lived in Israel, Meilich ,and his wife Ethel and Meilich's
brother Isaac all cousins are related through Jean-Claude's grand-fathers sibling
Abraham, all 3 are buried in the Herzlyia cemetery yet the Chevra Kadisha has no
information as to who arranged their funerals. The Australian cousin even has
photographs of this family unit.

Jean-Claude has written over 50 letters to organisations worldwide in the hope of
someone somewhere being able to assist him as to what happened to his Uncle Joseph,
who arranged the funerals of his cousins in Israel ( all Lonka families in the
Israeli tel. directory have been contacted, to no avail) and did any other members
of the LONKA family >from Kaluszyn survive. Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem have
also been thoroughly searched and a person called Ita HUS >from Petach Tikva gave
testimony to several members of the immediate family, however she cannot be traced,
even through the Chevra Kadisha. Again all HUS families have been contacted.

If anyone has knowledge of what happened to Joseph LONKA or any other members of
the LONKA family that may or may not have survived the Shoah please contact me

Thank you.
Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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