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Zabludow and Krynki are now in Poland and were formerly in Grodno Gubernia - part
of the Russian Pale of Settlement. As with many of the smaller towns in the
Bialystok region of eastern Poland, no Jewish vital records have survived.

For Zabludow, please see the Tilford Bartman's Zabludow Memorial website at and a Yizkor book translation at

For Krynki, please see the full translation of Pinkas Krynki at

The JewishGen BIALYGen SIG covers the Bialystok area that was formerly in
Grodno Gubernia. The website is at

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

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Does anyone know if there are records for Zabludova, Poland/Belarus or Krienek,
Belarus. Looking for Kusiel Siegel and his son Joseph Siegel. Joseph lived in
Atlanta and was married to Rebecca Hirsh(?). Children Calvin, Stanley, and Patsy.

Ronald I. Kaplan
Atlanta, Georgia USA

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