WERNER help requested #general


I am searching for my GGGrandparents who were Werners.

I have evidence that they may have lived in what is currently Gorlice, Poland
which was in Austria-Hungary when they left Austria in 1888. I also have
some evidence that they may have lived in Vienna at one time.
The parents were:
Moishe Werner also seen as Moses and Morris in census forms. born 1855
Sara or Sarah Werner born 1856

The children were:
Amalia? known as Mollie born 1875 married a Braunfeld
Esther born 1878
Annie born 1880 married a Spira
Rosie born 1881 married a Wagner
Samuel born 1883
Lena born 1885
Gussie born 1889 married a Goldstein
Adolph or Meyer born 1893

All but the last two were born in Austria and the last two were born
in New York.

Any help is appreciated!

Stephen Silberman

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