Question about denial of US petition for naturalization #general

Janette <janettes@...>

I received in today's mail >from NARA, 3 pages dealing with an
application (there is no actual declaration of intent of application for
naturalization such as I have seen in other files) >from 1904. It is for
a man who arrived in the US in 1892 and who had lived in Brooklyn NY
(Kings County) for the entire time. I was hoping that the information I
received would tell me why he was denied naturalization. Is anyone
familiar with cases of denial on naturalization petitions?

The man's name was Sam MELIN (his birth name likely sounded like
MILYONTZIK) and he was originally >from that innocuously termed "Russia"
and born about 1875. His wife was Sarah nee BRODSKY and they lived on
Marcy Ave in Brooklyn. Sam was a butcher. Julius LAVENTHALL also of
Marcy Ave was his witness.

Any insight into this would be most welcome.

Janette Silverman
Phoenix, AZ

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