Re: Question about denial of US petition for naturalization #general

Lin Mor

<Janette wrote:
I received in today's mail >from NARA, 3 pages dealing with an
application (there is no actual declaration of intent of application
for naturalization such as I have seen in other files) >from 1904.

You did not specify what you did receeive. Maybe your ancestor never
got far enough along in the process to file an intent, I am unsure,
timewise, when these forms were first required, someone else will know.

Too add to the possibilities of why he was denied, perhaps the INS could
not find evidence that he entered the country legally (Certificate of
Arrival). My maternal grandmother applied for citizenship/legal alien
card in the early 1950's. To make a long story short, after 30+ pages
of forms with different dates, she passed away in 1954 without resolving
this issue. No one at the INS was able to find her name on a manifest
for a ship arriving to Ellis Island >from Hamburg in December 1906 or
1907. I do not know how hard they actually looked. Grandma could not
remember the year nor remember the name of the ship.

Thanks to Eileen POLAKOFF (Avotaynu Summer 2010 page 61) and Janice
SELLERS, I now have the information and a copy of the manifest. Most of
the problem had to do with the unclear handwriting as well as people
unfamiliar with Jewish names who were adding data to the Ellis Island
online passenger lists. Ditto for those generating the online Hamburg

Good luck in your search.

Linda Morzillo
Saratoga Springs, NY

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