Birth Certificate in Lodz/need to register with country if salesman? #general

Debby Gincig Painter

I need help to find a birth certificate in Lodz. I was recently given a url to a
site in Holland where I think I have found another child for my maternal
grandparents. I have been unable to find a record through the Jewishgen records so
have no information except approximate date of birth. Is there someone willing to
help me locate this record? this is what I translated of the Dutch site:

Source: Civil register - Death Archive Location: Historic Centre Overijssel
General Assess Number: 123 Inventory Number: 4229 City: Enschede
Type of record: death Certificate Record Number: 191 Filing Date: 10-06-1907
Deceased: Jozef Klinger Gender: M Death Date: 09-06-1907 Age: 0
Death Place: Enschede Father: Israel Moseik Klinger (We have name as Mosiek Srul)
Mother: Anna Marie Joskowitch (First time I have seen a middle name for her)
Partner: Further information: born in Lodz (Poland Russian) 11 months old (would
be July of 1906?

Also, it seems that my Great-Grandfather traveled a lot as many of his children are
born in various places leaving me to believe he was a merchant of some sort and I
guessing he must have done lots of business in the Netherlands as it is there they
go for the duration of WWI >from Alsace and where my Aunt is married. Would he have
to register that he was in the country as a "visitor" if he was a merchant there
selling his wares in those days?
Thanking all in advance
Debby Painter

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