Viewmate - Yiddish Letters - circa 1920 #general

Carol Hochstadt

Dear Genners:
I have posted 2 letters written in Yiddish on Viewmate. I believe
that one was written by my cousin's great-grandmother (>from Russia) to
her son, then living in Massachusetts. The second letter was written
by someone else in Russia and sent to another cousin, also in MA. One
letter is two pages long; the other is 3 pages long.

I would be very appreciative for translation of these letters into
English. Many years ago, I was able to have one other letter
translated, and it provided a fascinating view of what life was like
for people in my father's shtetl; it also allowed me to discover long
lost names of earlier relatives. I'm hoping these letters will hold
similar important information.

Names of towns: Kornitsa, Lachawitz, Yampol, Szumsk (in Volyn/Ukraine).

My letters are in the following Viewmate files:

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide! Please respond
privately or via Viewmate, rather than to the listserv.
Carol Hochstadt
Salt Lake City, UT

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