Marijampole Internal Passports - 1919-1940 #general

Howard Margol

I have recently received another group of 379 translated Marijampole
internal passport records - 1919-1940. These records have been distributed to
those who contributed a minimum of $100 to JewishGEN for the Marijampole I.
P. records. A total of 4,130 records have been translated so far with more
to be translated. These records will be added to the searchable database 18
months after being translated.

Rather than wait 18 months, or longer, why not make a contribution now.
There is a good chance it will advance your research and may even break
through those brick walls holding back your research. It is easy to do.
Just go to
and designate your contribution is for internal passports - Marijampole.
On that site, you will also learn about internal passports and see images
of some of the documents found in the files. Be sure and scroll down to Project
Description and Needs where you will be able to make your $100 contribution.

If you let me know that you have made your contribution, I will send you
the records within a day or two. Otherwise, it could be six to eight weeks
before I am informed of your contribution.

Howard Margol
Founder and Coordinator - Internal Passport Project

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