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MACSTA <macsta@...>

Dear Beatrice,

snop..Does anyone know another form of this name that might relate to
Rebecca, Becky? In a message written by Eva Breitstein, Mechla is
addressed as her sister. Eva's sisters were Sura, Becky/Rebecca, Minnie
and Fanny. I think this is the Hebrew name Machla (Numbers 26.33),
which probably became Minnie.

In my opinion, you are right Mahla is indeed a Biblical name. Taking in
account the Yiddish the pronunciation of Hebrew,
Mahla became Mechla or Mechle (ch is the the German frm of the guttural

This is also the explation given by R'Shmuel Shorr in his "Jewish Personal
Names". Teaneck,NJ, Avotaynu, 1992.

Mathilde Tagger
Israel genealogical Society

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