Announcing the New Przemysl Forum #general

Ellen Korpi

We are pleased to invite everyone with Jewish roots in Przemysl, Galicia to
be part of the Przemysl Forum at

This is a grass roots effort not affiliated with any formal organizations.
The purpose is to compare notes and supplement the research resources provided
by Jewishgen, JRI-Poland and Gesher Galicia, to learn more about the context
and history of Przemysl and to create a community of connection for those
of us with these common Jewish Przemysl roots. Our research transcends the
data bases as people compare notes on relatives, research experiences and
family lore.

David Semmel's adjacent blog provides an ongoing magazine on various
Przemysl aspects.

We already have 55 registrants for the forum and some very lively
discussions going. We have also had several research breakthroughs that
resulted >from comparing notes. We are currently seeking input >from the group
as to how to improve the structure of the forum and work towards improving
its functionality.

Registration is easy, just click on the registration link. Feel free to
share this link with anyone else you think might be interested in joining

Ellen Korpi
Wellesley, MA

Researching in Przemysl and Galicia: SILBER, FELD, KATZ, LIEBSBERG,

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